Intro to Robots Week [robots]

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Inaugural episode of the Nth Cast!

We really appreciate you listening to us beat the topic of 'robots' to death...

Check out this awesome Robots timeline...

Show Notes:

1 - Robot vs Android vs Cyborg (Because you care about the subtleties)...

Robot: Autonomous, artificial entity. Its form has no bearing on its designation.

Android: Humanoid robot.

Cyborg: Combines artificial and biological components.

2 - Mommy, where do robots come from?
Origin of the word - Robot

3 - Have a million bucks just lying around? Get your mech suit here...

4 - We suck. The damn HONDA robot's name is ASIMO. Not whatever we were calling it...

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January 24th, 2015

20 mins 11 secs

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